Imagine time as a territory, in which you can travel in all directions. Just as the mountains of Europe exist alongside the rainforest, deserts and oceans, on the map of time all eras are present simultaneously. In the same way, the exciting stories in this volume are still alive and can awaken your most ancient memories. They can remind you of how many challenges you’ve already overcome, how much you’ve loved, how much good you’ve done for others and the world.
The thirty-three stories in this book are lives I found along the lines of time. They were waiting to be found so that they can pulsate again, like a living light, along the roads of time. Reading them may awaken memories of your presence in other places and times, and give you strength and inspiration for your life now.
The second part of the book presents an interesting and original analysis of recent scientific theories on the nature of time, perception and consciousness to stimulate a wide-ranging and very modern perspective on life. At times it challenges conventional thinking, thus opening the way for a new, deeper understanding of reality.
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individual, couple and group sessions

Do you want to be more centered? More open to love? More prosperous, joyous and connected to the flow of Life?

Do you want to expand your spiritual dimension? Accelerate and support your Awakening? Or empower your on-going healing process?

Do you feel it is the time to discover what your unique Gift is, so that you can better serve the world?

Do you want to explore your past lives?

My sessions are precious, profound moments of inner listening and change of perspective, to tap into the wisdom of your heart and let it guide you to happiness and purpose.

I combine different methods and approaches to support you in achieving clarity, healing and positive focus. I have a wide experience in Tarot reading and the power of archetypes in creating the narrative of our life.

I draw upon recent discoveries in neuroscience, the nature of time and reality to help you transform your line of events. You can move into your past or your future, and bring into being a more satisfying, conscious and expanded life.

Through energy healing and guided visualizations, I help youreach a deep meditative state, in touch with the sacred wisdom of your body and soul. Here is a meditation I led on-line for thousands of people.

Finally, if you want to explore your intuitive and extra-sensory potential, I can guide you to ”sensing” and participating in reality in a more expanded fashion.


Do you want to amplify your Synchronicity towards healing and coherence?

During my healing sessions, I also use the spiritual technology of Selfica.It is an ancient art-science, revived and developed at Damanhur to connect to nature's life-force to increase vitality and well-being.It links with spiritual forces in order to support your power of intention and manifest the line of events most conducive to growth and self-realization.

Selfica facilitates trauma clearing, and promotes emotional balance and mental clarity. It supports cellular rejuvenation and the restoration of correct integration and communication between the body's systems and organs. It activates the body's own healing power, and supports and accelerates all other healing modalities.

For women

Do you want to open to love more? Awaken the Sacred Feminine within you? Integrate your masculine and feminine sides, so that you can feel whole and self-confident?

Let's create together your unique process with playful exercises and ritual moments to go deep into your heart, learning to guide your emotions and develop your natural intuitive abilities. You can discover more about the power of your body and your senses, expand your openness to pleasure and use your life-force for your well-being and your creative projects.

Basing my guidance on recent discoveries in the field of neurosciences, biology and anthropology on the nature of women, love and human bonding, I can help you understand more about how men feel and think, to help find greater balance with your partner, your children, and all the men in your life.

Do you want to connect to reality beyond form in a more expanded, integrated way?

Using Selfica and a channeling process, I can guide you on journeys beyond the ordinary, connected to a unitary field of Love and Presence.

I can guide you to enter into communion with trees and the natural elements of nature, with the rhythms of the sun and the moon, and with perceptions beyond time.

You can discover how to tap into the natural abilities of your body, mind and heart to synch and connect to the whole universe, of which each one of us is a fractal.

Do you feel you have blocks or talents to tap into in another point of time?

I have over 20 years of practice in following the time tracks of individuals to discover other lives meaningful for their evolution. I can help you move along your timelines, to meet another "you" in a different place and time, so that you can be more whole and integrated.

This is a fully sensory process—based on the most recent discoveries of neuroscience and the nature of time. It opens a real channel of communication with another one of your lives, in another point of time.

The process comprises personal on-line guidance and creative investigation exercises to do on your own. It's a a real treasure hunt in the beauty of your soul.

I offer this process on line one-on-one, or for small groups. In person, I can facilitate it for larger groups.

All the answers are within us. What matters is to find the questions that open our inner doors.

This is Healing. This is finding your Purpose.



I have many years of experience in living in community, experimenting with and co-designing a new society. 

This is an important first-hand basis for my team building and conscious leadership work. It is practical knowledge that supports all the processes I facilitate. 

I design, co-design and facilitate workshops for groups and teams. I am available for in person and on-line sessions.

My favorite tools are creative expression, deep listening, story-telling and mind-expanding dialogue on all relevant aspects of life, community, and societal change. I have designed and participated in human development programs with many companies in the health, consultancy, banking and public sectors. 

I focus on making sure that, at the end of the process, everyone leaves feeling more optimistic and inspired, experiencing a greater connections to their authentic self and the other members of their team. I love working with teams, creating a safe space for personal and group process and transformation.

I can also help you and your team organize an unforgettable bespoke experience at Damanhur.


I combine my extensive academic background, my love for research and my communication skills with my personal experience of living in an intentional community to support teams, communities and business in identifying their Purpose and concrete actions to implement them.

Helping a team of business leaders identify their core values and turning them into a big mural on the wall; analyzing the most avant-garde future trends and re-designing the focus of a social sector organization; working on the integration of masculine and feminine approaches and values in an organization; re-designing money, the use of time, the relationship with nature and between humans for new resilient societies; discussing with experts from many sectors the requirements and values needed to create a Manifesto for Regulating Life on Mars: these are some of the innovative and forward-thinking projects I have been involved in in recent times.

I enjoy working with other facilitators, from different backgrounds and cultures: diversity, in my experience, is always a great asset in opening to the new.

"Alchemy of Her" is a unique program I designed and facilitate to fully awakening the Feminine Principle in every woman.

The process is based on energy practices and the most recent discoveries in the fields of anthropology, neuroscience and biology.

The main themes we explore are: "Why pleasure is good for you: the wedding of senses and intelligence"; "How does a woman think, how does a man feel? Brain science to make you happier", and "The Fire of a Woman: feeling and directing your sensual life force".

"Alchemy of Her" is a transformational experience for extraordinary women in these extraordinary times. Together we can foster the birth of a new humanity, based on inclusion, love and respect.

In over 25 years of facilitating workshops on the activation of the divine energy matrix, I have helped hundreds of people, individually and in groups, become aware of the subtle reality of their body. This is a fundamental step to harmonize one's inner alchemy.

Every human being has an energetic structure. It is more complex than just the aura and the chakras, systems that are known in every mystical philosophy in the world. .

Balancing and re-activating our energetic system is fundamental for physical, mental and spiritual health.

The process I offer, based on Selfica, opens to experiences and explorations of perception beyond the ordinary. The full activation program can be completed at Damanhur.

This exciting a profound group workshop can be taken several times, and with different modalities, in order to complete a real treasure hunt inside the beauty of one's soul.

Using your senses and expanding your consciousness, this process will allows you to have a lucid experience of your existence in another body, in another time. You can connect to this other You to heal, empower or transform parts of your current existence. You will have a greater awareness of who you are, and your Mission in life.

As a part of the Way of the Oracle of Damanhur, I am trained in following the time tracks of individuals to discover the other lives more meaningful for their evolution. I have carried out hundreds of researches and facilitated group and individual processes.

Time is like a territory, in which all points are connected: in the space-time continuum, there is no past and no future, and there are no past Lives: all our existences are contemporaneous. Acquiring the awareness of oneself as a Time Being is a profound, important step in becoming conscious and whole

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I always wanted to make a positive change in the world. My first work experiences were with international organizations devoted to this. I was very young and I soon realized that politics and governance cannot transform the course to destruction humanity seems to be set on now, unless they are supported by a deep shift in human consciousness.

Through a deep personal transformation experience, I came into contact with an Intelligent Field of Love and Coherence that made me realize there are powerful forces supporting the growth of humanity. Since then, I chose to be in service to this Awakening, as a healer and a facilitator.

At the end of 1993, I joined the Federation of Communities of Damanhur, in Italy, so that I could apply my ideals in everyday life. Spiritual practice became the support to my own transformation. Living communally gives me the opportunity to experiment with the creation of a new society that is more and more becoming an inspiration for a better future.

I am a psycho-sociologist and I have studied in Universities in several countries — I have three Masters’ Degrees and an Honorary Ph.D. I also learn from podcasts, comics and movies. I have complementary training in Transformative Peace Negotiation, Energy Healing, I am a SoulCollage© Certified Facilitator and an accredited facilitator of Aberkyn Business Transformation Lotus training.

I love music, movies and books, I meditate, and I look for the beauty in everything through taking pictures.

Esperide is able to give directions for a new way of ‘seeing, being & acting’. With a twist of wisdom, humor and Italian female charme she combines several scientific areas, anthropology, ancient history, economy, spirituality & brain research, in a holistic way. She is a wisdom-keeper for our new society and will guide us from divided to divine leadership!

Joke van IJzeren  Director ‘de praktijk van’, Leadership in organizational change 

I have worked with Esperide, personally and professionally, for over two decades. She is unique.  What makes her such a potent agent of human development is the way she bridges the esoteric and scientific. Her passion to communicate - in one of her many languages - enables her to unpack mysteries and make deep wisdom accessible to her clients.   Whether you work with her one-to-one or with your team, you’ll find her a joy. 

David Pearl, Founder of Pearl Consulting, London

I had an extraordinary experience in my healing session with Esperide Ananas. Esperide is a natural healer and her talents are augmented by the Selfica technology of Damanhur. I have provided a space for Esperide to do healing sessions and thus have seen firsthand that everyone who had a session with her left feeling better, and some  had truly remarkable experiences as I did. 

                                                                     Kylea Taylor, MFT,  President, HanfordMead Publishers, Inc.

Esperide has an impressive variety of knowledge, from historical facts to medical & biological science, combined together with an authentic heart to heart experience and truth about leading a creative living. A true connection between spiritual elements, universal laws, and human factors. That helps to make it fun, insightful, deep and personal Leaving you truly inspired and en-lighted, with a feeling that you learned so much about us humans. 

Marie Loher, Couturier and Designer, London & Ibiza

Esperide is a born teacher and facilitator. She transmits her knowledge and experience with humility and passion -- a winning combination.

Sylvie Gerard, Social entrepreneur, Geneve



Born in northern Italy in 1975, Damanhur is a Federation of communities and a worldwide movement, inspiring the lives of thousands of people. 

The Temples of Humankind are the sacred heart of Damanhur: a modern cathedral composed of several monumental Halls, carved by hand inside a mountain. 

Throughout history, civilizations have built sacred spaces to receive information and energy coming from the cosmos to vibrationally guide the evolution of souls, peoples and planets. The Temples of Humankind are one of these antennas. 

The Temples



The Temples



I am the International Activator for Street Wisdom. Street Wisdom is a global social enterprise passionate about bringing inspiration to every street on earth. All profits are re-invested into more social projects. 

My dream within Street Wisdom is to promote the creation of Wisdom Streets all over the world: streets were people are safe, smiling and talking to each other, especially to strangers. Streets in which you enter shops and cafés to connect to other humans, share stories, ask for advice and remember how beautiful it is to be open and loving humans, with everyone!

And I've had the pleasure -- and the fun -- of being interviewed on synchronicity and presence by David Pearl for his new book WANDERFUL!